Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Anthony Flew "There is a God"

I'm reading "There is a God" by Anthony Flew, acclaimed athiest philosopher who believes now that there is in fact a God - much to the chagrin of his previous atheist fans and followers. This particular excerpt made me laugh, so I wanted to share. He's talking about a debate he had with Gerry Schroeder (Israeli Physicist and author of some excellent books on science and creation from a Biblical standpoint):

"I was particularly impressed with Gerry Schroeder's point-by-point refutation of what I call the 'monkey theorem'. This idea, which has been presented in a number of forms and variations, defends the possibility of life arising by chance using the analogy of a multitude of monkeys banging away on computer keyboards and eventually ending up writing a Shakespearean sonnet.

Schroeder first referred to an experiment conducted by the British National Council of Arts. A computer was placed in a cage with six monkeys. After one month of hammering away at it (as well as using it as a bathroom!), the monkeys produced fifty typed pages - but not a single word. Schroeder noted that this was the case even though the shortest word in the English language is one letter (a or I). A is a word only if there is a space on either side of it. If we take it that the keyboard has thirty characters (the 26 letters and other symbols), then the likelihood of getting a one-letter word is 30 times 30 times 30, which is 27,000."


The Merry Widow said...

I like that, the true scientist goes and looks to see what the data says, athiests and evolutionists(and environmentalists) look for data that supports their foregone conclusions!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!

I always love it when someone "gets it"!

Eyes said...

Hi tmw, especially someone of Flew's prestige.. He's rocking their world!! Yeah!

Another quote, along the lines of what you just said "we see how easy it is to let preconceived theories shape the way we view evidence instead of letting the evidence shape our theories."

This is a very good book - I highly recommend it.

cube said...

Sounds like a good book. It drives me crazy when science is perverted by politics.

Brooke said...

This sounds like an interesting read!

Z said...

Eyes..thanks so much for the recommendation; there is nothing more inspirational than hearing about an atheist who's found God. I'm going to buy it..thanks! z

Eyes said...

Hi Z, You'll really enjoy it. It is interesting to see what turns people around isn't it? His big items were:

1. The creation of the universe
2. The creation of life
3. The laws & order of the universe

It's a great book!

Anonymous said...

Dear Concerned.

I was looking at your page, and saw a picture of the book by Anthony Flew.

I am writing a paper about Intelligent Design, which I am planning to give out to students in Sweden, where I stay.

I need som pictures for the paper, and I need to have permission to use them.

I was wondering whether I could use your picture? It would be very helpful for my paper.

Thank you for your reply,

Regards, David Johansson

Anonymous said...

It says in Romans chapter one, "proclaiming to be wise they because fools." This is very true of evolutionists and "atheists." They are respected by thousands (maybe millions) of people, yet sadly they totally miss it altogether. Praise the Lord that Antony is no longer blinded.

Eyes said...