Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just a few pictures from our trip to Vietnam this month.

Rex Hotel, roof top bar

The power lines in Saigon are all above ground. We saw one guy working on them with his bare hands!!! Yikes!

I thought this photo was pretty funny because of the giant picture of "Uncle Ho"... as far as I could tell, nobody was really happy with the whole communist thing. They pretty much live in grinding poverty, which is a shame because they are very industrious people. I guess their leaders live well though.

We tried all kinds of interesting fruit. Fruit which I had no idea even existed!

The old US Embassy has been turned into a war museum - dedicated to the atrocities committed by the Americans, Japanese and French... Not a word about those committed by the communists. Hmmm... We skipped that particular site. There was one retard Anglo roaming around Saigon with a "Ho Chi Minh" T-shirt on. Moron.

I just thought this picture was interesting because they do almost everything by hand, including raking and trimming hedges, etc... They do have the motorized, push lawn mowers:>D

There were lots of motor scooters! I thought this photo was cute. The baby was sound asleep. I'm not sure how safe it is to ride without a helmut though.....


Brooke said...

A sidehack with a car seat, maybe? LOL!

Great pics and descriptions, Eyes! It is one helluvan opportunity.

Eyes said...

Hi Brooke, yes it was... I would consider going back, but only on a tour type thing... to see all the sights from Hanoi to Saigon. Now I can say "I was in Nam" LOL!