Monday, August 18, 2008

Francis Schaeffer on the Environment

Francis Schaeffer is probably my favorite theologian, followed by GK Chesterton, CS Lewis and Malcolm Muggeridge. I like what Schaeffer has said about the environment. I found an interesting website on apologetics here. Here's an excerpt:

"Creation is not equal with God nor is it an extension of God, but “created things have an existence in themselves. They are really there.” As such nature has value in itself since God made it."

"Because God created all things and treats them with integrity, so should we. This is not pantheism, but rather a way of honoring the creator. Thus, as a human, I recognize that I am more valuable than an ant, but the ant is a fellow creature, both of us made by the same God. I have the right to kill him, but only under certain conditions. Schaeffer explains, “We have the right to rid our houses of ants; but what we have no right to do is to forget to honor the ant as God made it, out in the place where God made the ant to be. When we meet the ant on the sidewalk, we step over him.”


Brooke said...

Unless it's a spider. Then we CRUSH IT.


Anonymous said...

Ants weren't created small to occasionally be stepped on?

Eyes said...

:>D You guys are funny! Seriously, I avoid fire ants like the plague. One fire ant bite and I've got a crazy itchy spot for a couple weeks, pustule and all. It's the worst! When I see an ant hill developing in my yard, I get my good buddy Amdro out!

The Merry Widow said...

You mean that a, "boy isn't the same as a rat, which isn't the same as a daisy"?
Oh geez, better warn the watermelons! LOL!

tmw(the soggy and wind blown)

Eyes said...

:>D top of the morning TMW :>D