Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why did God put us here?

We were watching "Everybody Loves Raymond" the other night, and the little girl poses the question "Why did God put us here?" Raymond couldn't answer it, and I haven't watched the rest of the show (side-tracked)so I can't tell you what the final outcome was.

But it reminded me of the 3 BIG questions Charles Colson talks about in "How now shall we live?":

1. Where did we come from and who are we?
2. What has gone wrong with the world? (or, why is there evil?)
3. What is the source of our salvation? (or, what can we do to fix it?)

All religions and philosophies attempt to answer these questions, for example a communist would say:

1. Collection of matter
2. Capitalism
3. Communism (in spite of the fact it always fails)


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The Merry Widow said...

Good example of the false answers to those questions.
I took that course about 4 years ago, good stuff.


Eyes said...

Don't tell the democrats... Not that they would listen...