Thursday, October 9, 2008

Joe Biden says "No" to refugees..

Here's a little something from a Vietnamese friend:

"This is the LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES!!! My family and most of the Vietnamese people know that very well and we are a testimony of it. The Vietnamese people do not forget that Joe Biden was against a bill to help open the door of Immigration to accept us/refugees in 1975. He said that we are better off to stay in VN. Thank God, the bill did pass. And here I am!"

My friend and her husband both worked their way through college and are now engineers. I thank God she is here:>D


Anonymous said...


I think your friend is misquoting an article.

I would like to know where your friend got her information? I suspect it was from this article in the Washington Post.

I think the same article was in the OC Register.

As you can see in the article, it was George McGovern who said he thinks Vietnamese should stay in Vietnam.

There is no indication Senator Biden voted against any bill to allow Vietnamese refugees to come here. The article just says that Joe Biden complained about Ford's representation about how many refugees were going to come.

Eyes said...

I don't know anon. She's Vietnamese, and that's her belief.

Unknown said...

"She's Vietnamese and that's her belief" ? What a stupid, anti-rational response to a legitimate request for more information and deeper research.

Eyes said...

Sorry plate-o, I didn't ask for any more information. She works full time as an engineer and we only see each other every quarter or so... It's not her number 1 priority - or mine for that matter.

Anonymous said...

From the book 895 Days that Changed the World By Graeme Stewart Mount, Mark Gauthier, “Congress opposed even Ford’s plan to rescue Cambodian and South Vietnamese refugees. Sen. Joe Biden (D-Delaware) firmly stated that he would vote for virtually any amount for the evacuation of any U.S. citizens but nothing for the evacuation of South Vietnamese” pg. 64
The book has referenced for this part from Letter, Congress to Ford, 11 March 1975, Folder 3-2, Box 22, White House Central File, and Ford pg. 255

Eyes said...

Hi Anon, Thanks, hopefully Plate-O will return and read your references!

Anonymous said...

Here is an article that explains why Vietnamese-Americans support Obama and that the claim that Biden voted against Vietnamese immigration to the U.S. appears to be false. I am a Vietnamese-American and I support Obama/Biden.

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot the link...

Anonymous said...

Thuy...even the person who wrote the article on the link that you posted was skeptical about whether or not "Bolsavik" was telling the truth...this is the last line of the article that you had posted..."Anyway, someone check and make sure the Bolsavik, who’s near-sighted and not using his glasses, didn’t make a mistake."

Anonymous said...

Where's this photo from? These people do not look Vietnamese.

Anonymous said...

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