Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Sheesh, Guy Ritchie said she looks like an old hag without makeup - he was right! She babbled away at one of her recent concerts about how Sarah Palin was not invited to her party, and from the looks of it partying is the one thing Madonna has had too much of!

Madonna told the audience "you know who can get off of my street? Sarah Palin! I'm gonna kick her ass if she don't get off of my street!"

Madonna also heckled Palin at her show at the Meadowlands in New Jersey, she shouted: "Sarah Palin can't come to my party! Sarah Palin can't come to my show. It's nothing personal."

Madonna is not going to grow old gracefully.


Anonymous said...


Brooke said...

Um, YIKES! Did you notice those veins?!?

I don't think I'd go to that party without a sedative and a massive dose of prophylactic antibiotics!

Brooke said...

Another thing; for a woman of her age, she sounds just like a spoiled adolescent.

The Merry Widow said...

Disgusing, isn't she? And the name of her tour, even that is sick and adolescent.
Guy Richie apparently had nough, guess living with a harriden got to be too much!


Eyes said...

Hi Everyone! She reminds me of that old woman Carol Burnett used to make fun of - some old actress that thought she was beautiful still... Liberals don't age well primarily because they still seem to think they're young.

kevin said...

However much I dislike Madonna, I fear for her heath when I see this picture. It harkens back to Karen Carpenter.

The Merry Widow said...

Kevin-I do believe you are correct...this cult of youth will kill and shorten lives...blech.
I'm NOT ashamed of my age, I'm 54 madonna, and even tough I could lose some weight, I look younger..I wonder why? Clean living?


Eyes said...

Hi Kevin and TMW, She does look horrible doesn't she? Veins poppin' and skinny!

cube said...

If Madonna were to keel over tomorrow because of starvation or otherwise, I would say "Good riddance."

I'd feel sorry for her kids, though, which is more than she's ever done for my kids. She's been
poisoning the youth-oriented pop culture with her sexual and anti-religious antics for years.

Now that she's a worn-out old hag, she still can't let go.

Please Madonna, give a generation of young people a break. Go home.

Eyes said...

I'm with you Cube. I don't feel sorry for her at all. She is the center of her universe.... Now that's a gross thought.

Pastorius said...

Karen Carpenter is right.

I wonder if Guy Ritchie thinks it was worth the $60 million.

Eyes said...

HA HA HA! Is that how much he got? I guess they were married for quite a while (as far as liberals are concerned!)

Gayle said...

She's always disgusted me by her actions and now her looks are beginning to also reveal who she really is. It's rather sad, actually. She could have chosen to be special in a good way, instead... well, she followed the road to Hell and now she looks like Hell. Coincidence? I don't think so!

Eyes said...

So true!!!

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