Friday, June 1, 2007

Messier 65

Credit & Copyright: Volker Wendel
Explanation: M65 is a big, beautiful spiral galaxy, the sixty-fifth object in the famous astronomical catalog compiled by 18th century cosmic tourist Charles Messier. It's also a member of a picturesque trio of large spiral galaxies known as the Leo Triplet, about 35 million light-years away. This sharp view of M65 shows off the galaxy in remarkable detail, with tightly wound spiral arms and dust lanes stretching into a core dominated by the yellowish light from an older population of stars. In fact, M65 seems to be the least disturbed of the Leo Trio, though it is close enough to be interacting gravitationally with the other two galaxies (not seen here). Very nearly edge-on to our line-of-sight, M65 is about 100,000 light-years across, similar in size to our Milky Way Galaxy.


The Merry Widow said...

Another jewel in the crown of the universe!


Gayle said...

Honestly Eyes, after dealing with politics all day, your posts are a breath of fresh air. Ooops! No air in space, is there? Well, your posts are refreshing! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Indeed they are. They fill both the eye and the mind with wonder.

As you can see from the two deletions above... i beginning to forget who/where I am.

Eyes said...

You're too funny FJ. Are you raising a little hell with the socialists again?

Anonymous said...

Only on the fringes at the moment...

Eyes said...

The radical fringes...

nanc said...

that is the trail G-d's finger made when he said "IT IS GOOD!"

Eyes said...


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