Saturday, March 15, 2008

These are your choices

I'm very sad today. My friend, whom I held in great esteem, would vote for Hussein Obama. She's black, from Ethiopia (escaped the clutches of communism, but from the priviledged class).

After all these years, and all the progress we've supposedly made... It just boils down to the color of your skin. Very sad.

On a more positive note, my other dear friend, Vietnamese ethnic origin (and escapee from the clutches of communism) actually voted for Hilary to nix Hussein's vote! Ha Ha Ha Ha!


Brooke said...

Choices, choices...

You'd think someone escaping socialism would know better.

Eyes said...

She's from the elite class and somehow they remained unscathed. I haven't got to the bottom of it yet... but they retained their $$.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Eyes,
Thank you for your interesting posts again. I read today on LGF this
Which is something you have blogged about before. I was shocked when I started reading that post of yours
Once I read it to the end; I really thought it's priceless and so smart!
God bless you and bless us all with wisdom and the ability to make right choices always.

Eyes said...

Hi fed up, Yes, when I posted the 'values' of Obama's church, replacing black with white, I was a little creeped out about posting it... After a day or two I posted a warning of sorts. But to think Obama would go to such a racist church is disgusting. I guess many of their values are in line with islam though, so it makes sense. Hope all is well with you:>D