Sunday, December 31, 2006

What better way to end 2006?

What better way to end 2006, than a little reminder of some of Islam's shining moments.... like the Cartoon fiasco, and the Pope's visit to Turkey?

Well, what do you think? Think Turkey will make it into the EU anytime in the next 50 years???? NOT.


Mathieu G. said...

I'm not a conservative, neither am I a liberal but I like to consider every point of view. Yours is interesting too.

Would you be the type of person who hates French people - I'm French - because they refused to take part in the war on Iraq?

Personnally I had a neutral opinion on it but I'm interested in knowing your viewpoint on this.

Just to know if you're... a smart conservative!! I guess you are because you imply yourself that one shouldn't find viewpoints other than one's own offensive.

Eyes said...

Mathieu, I do not hate the French, or really any person for that matter, although I do get a little carried away at times... Hyperbolic, if you know what I mean, when I see some new atrocity.

I believe anything except a unified front against the common enemy of freedom, which is islam, is a mistake and unfortunate. I also understand that America dragged her feet before WWI and WWII, so I don't hold it against Europe. We'll all muddle through this to victory in the end, it's just a question of how much misery we'll all suffer in the process. Thanks for stopping by:>)

American Crusader said...

It would be a mistake. I give credit to Turkey's government for their effort in keeping the government secular but it's just a question of time before an Islamist government takes power. I don't even want Turkey as part of NATO.

Eyes said...

Hi AC, Yep, I don't think it will happen now. Talk about a wise Pope... The Islamists can always be counted on to do the wrong thing.

cube said...

Don't forget Saddam's necktie party.

Happy New Year to you and yours from me and mine :-)

Always On Watch said...

Turkey is not European in geography nor in culture--and will never be.

Happy New Year, Eyes! May 2007 be kind to you.

Eyes said...

Happy New Year Cube and AOW!

The Merry Widow said...

In ancient times, when it was Greek colonies, Byzantine and orthodox Christian, it was taken by mohammadins and turkomans during the Middle Ages. The theft and conquest of Turkey had a degenerative effect on the area and culture! The high culture and learning of the Greek-Byzantium society was destroyed, there is a large missing hole in our time. So Turkey, before mohammad was European, but no longer!
I suggest a reading or study of what we were robbed of!
Blessed New Year!

PS- Doesn't endear the mohammadins in my eyes at all!

Eyes said...

Morning tmw! That sounds about right... I saw inside the Hagia Sophia on the History Channel, and they've really neglected it. It's a shame.

Brooke said...

Not to speak for Him, by any means, but I think Jesus maaaaay take issue with that sign...

I'm just sayin'.

Eyes said...

Ya, and where is all that religious tolerance so noteworthy in the Dar Al-Islam (did I get that right?)...

Stretch said...

As long as they change some things internally, but, there was another guy here posting saying that they didn't wan't Turkey in Nato, why should they be? it's north atlantic threaty organization :P
Anyways, Europe is uniting, and Turkey has my vote. As for them protesting when the pope shows up, i would probably do the same. An i'm ex-jehovas vitnesses (when i was a kid) and atheist now, so i know what that ugly fella is all about. The catholic church is as far away from the message Jesus really brought forth.


Anonymous said...


Msg-gol said...

i bet the person who commented above me is a Muslim,
im Muslim too somehow but i respect profit Mohammad
cuz religions are either used by people or made by people
back in Dark Ages they were using Christianity and i bet some people hated it and hated its major Icons like holy Merry and...
now in 21th century its the same story about Islam
some people are using it and its causing trouble for the entire world
but lets not forget Mohammad and Jesus were the right guys in the wrong places

love your page
love the Moon Over Andromeda Post
first time i gazed with my telescope i searched for Andromeda and found it after 2 hours lol
and Damn it was amazing when i saw it with my own eyes its my favorite object in night sky

Anonymous said...

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