Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Because They Hate"

Just finished Brigitte Gabriel's book "Because They Hate". I like collecting 'recommendations' which are usually at the back of the book. Here's hers:

"1. Close Our Borders

2. Reform the Immigration and Naturalization Process

3. Increase Human Intelligence

4. Profile

5. Control Education of Foreign Students of Hostile Countries (no science courses).

6. Develop Alternative Energy Sources

7. Silence Any Teaching of Hate and Intolerance Against Our Country

8. Contact Elected Officials:
- Pass laws that will publicly disclose which countries sponsor terror.
- Support the Patriot Act.
- Ensure wide presidential powers to protect us during this time of war.
- Restrict visas granted to Islamic foreign nationals each year.
- Provide for US energy security and reduce oil imports.
- Create legislation that will lead to alternative fuel sources.
- Pass laws that promote Western values and ideals, and dismiss PC.
- Secure the borders
- Fight legislation that empowers all tax-exempt religious organizations with increased abilities for political influence.
- Enact laws to discourage excessive foreign funding for religious groups in the US.
- With Islamic countries, insist on reciprocation or no deal. If they want to build a mosque here, we build a church there.
- Pursue all means available to uncover the plots of terror cell members.

9. Monitor Your Local College or Universities Middle Eastern studies programs for anti-semitic, anti-western proclivities.

10. Report Suspicious Activity or Behavior.

11. Join an Activist Organization Against Terror

12. Lobby for patriotic Education in America’s Schools

13. Stay Informed and Speak Out

14. Promote Western Values in Your Home

15. Important Things You Can Do:
- Divest your own portfolio of investments in companies that do business with terrorist-sponsoring states. Go to
- Learn which Muslim organizations have ties to terror.
- Learn about the electromagnetic pulse attacks and the EMP Threat Commission.
- Defend and support all movements toward personal freedom in the Middle East.
- Reduce your own fuel consumption.
- Support our troops."


nanc said...

isn't she the greatest? and what a testimony!

i saw her recently on a program where she had her hair swept up onto the top of her head and you could get the full expression of her face as she spoke - she is one beauty.

Eyes said...

She is beautiful.... only child... born when her mother was 54 years old!!! Yikes.

Eyes said...

She is beautiful.... only child... born when her mother was 54 years old!!! Yikes.

Brooke said...


Eyes said...


Always On Watch said...

Her book is the only book on Islam to give me nightmares. I see the United States repeating those same immigration mistakes of which she wrote.

God bless Brigitte!

Eyes said...

It could happen. I think Lebanon was 70% Christian when it became a nation after WWII... The only difference is, Americans are a whole lot more independent,,, Look at that kid that shot the 1000 lb pig. We don't easily succumb to tyranny....