Sunday, May 27, 2007

Infiltration ~ Paul Sperry

This is another book I've had in the "to read" pile, which I finally got to. It covers in great detail all the little loopholes through which jihadists have infiltrated our free society, and it's pretty scary. For example, foreign nationals from terrorist sponsoring states frequently tour our nuclear laboratories and power plants to 'learn about' our security measures. Can you imagine? Crazy. Almost nobody in government has even bothered to read the koran! Incredible. No wonder they're so clueless. Anyhow, here's the Sperry suggestions to combat islamic terrorism:

1. Citizens should examine and protest building of mosques in their backyard.
2. Enforce the oath of allegiance (no dual citizenship with terror nations).
3. Profile muslim travelers.
4. Audit muslim charities and mosques.
5. Break all government ties with CAIR.
6. Expose the Saudi embassy (due to its connection and prior knowledge of 911).
7. Deny secuity clearance to muslim activists.
8. Offer scholarships in arabic language studies.
9. Fight muslim activism in public schools.
10. Step up counterterrorism training at Quantico.

and... here's his website:


Anonymous said...

What do you think of these recommendations?

I'm doubtful whether they really address a larger problem.

The Merry Widow said...

The proper response is to root out the traitors and deal with them in such a way, that it becomes undesireable to betray our country.
Then during the trials of the traitors, ALL who are in the chain of contact and influence are escorted out of the country. Except for those who bribed and influenced the treason, they should be sentenced to the proper punishment here.
Make treason such a terrible thing to be found guilty of, that those who are tempted are also put off by the consequences.
It won't happen of course!
I have read that book and was very dismayed! The state of our government will see to it that nothing is done!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Eyes said...

I'm confident that doing these things would be better than not doing them. There are obviously lots of good ideas out there, but it looks like our government officials have not even read the koran, so I'm not putting much hope in them figuring out what the problem is.

Always On Watch said...

Isn't this an excellent book? I nabbed it when it first came out and spent hours of jaw-dropping reading. I'm in Northern Virginia, so I know well many of the locations which Sperry discusses.

His suggestions would certainly help! But as he details in the book, we have been infiltrated even in our government. The FBI takes sensitivity training so as not to offend Muslims! That's just one of the stupidities.

Booting CAIR is one of my fondest dreams.

Eyes said...

Hi AOW, It's a real shocker isn't it? I was hoping we were smarter than much of this, but then I live in Texas, so I get a different 'flavor' (although I run into some pretty insane shit sometimes).... How about the when the FBI wouldn't hire sephardic Jews as translators because they didn't want to piss off the muslims? *GAG* Oh, and the muslims that were celebrating in the FBI office, handing out date cookies, the day after 911? *gag* *gag*

It's a shocker...

Now I'm reading "Eurabia" which is equally shocking. After the 73 Oil Embargo, Europe became OPECs wh*re!

cube said...

Kowtowing to the moslems only emboldens them. If they want to live here, then they need to conform to our country, not vice versa.