Monday, February 19, 2007

Sudden Jihad Syndrome

Hat tip: "Sudden Islamophobia Syndrome" (sorry no link, it was a previous comment):


Sudden Jihad syndrome is when a single Muslim, or small group of Muslims, suddenly and with little or no warning go into Jihad mode. The victims are kaffirs attacked at random.

The main characteristics of SJS attacks are that:

- There is no central planning - they are totally spontaneous.

- The victims are unknown to the Jihadists.

- They are unreported or underreported in the MSM, with even the most horrendous cases seldom being reported beyond the local press.

- The MSM usually attempt to conceal the attackers' religion.

- If the the attackers are obviously Muslim then the MSM deny that this is of relevance.

Known SJS attacks to date (and given the attitude of the MSM there may be many more which are unknown) are listed below.

FEB 1997 Palestinian Muslim opened fire on the observation deck of Empire State Building, killing a tourist and injuring six other people before committing suicide -

NOV 1999 Muslim pilot mutters prayer then smashes plane into ocean killing all aboard. -

NOV 2003 Charlene Downes (March 25, 1989 - on or after November 1, 2003) was a teenager from Blackpool, Great Britain, who was murdered at age of 14. Charlene disappeared on November 1, 2003. She has never been seen since then and her body has not been found. In March 2006 two Muslims were charged with her murder. These two Muslims were owners of a takeaway restaurant, and a local newspaper reported that they cut up and disposed body of their victim in the food sold at the restaurant. Far right organisations in Britain criticised the mainstream media for suppressing the information about the murder because the two accused men are foreign born (from Jordan and Iran). -

MAR 2004 15 year old Kris Donald abducted at random by Muslims. He sustained internal injuries to three arteries, one of his lungs, his liver and a kidney, his eyes were gouged out and he was castrated, he was finally doused in petrol, set on fire and left to die. Despite the horrendous nature the case featured on national news only three times and was later largely confined to regional Scottish bulletins -

SEP 2004 A woman was killed and another was left fighting for her life after a knifeman went berserk in broad daylight in a Greater Manchester street. The woman killed was attacked first by the man, who was carrying what appeared to be a kitchen knife with a six-inch blade and had been seen reading from the Koran. The man was arrested but no further reports of any trial appeared in the MSM. -

MAR 2006, a twenty-two-year-old Iranian student named Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar drove an SUV onto the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, deliberately trying to kill people and succeeding in injuring nine. After the incident, he seemed singularly pleased with himself, smiling and waving to crowds after a court appearance on Monday, at which he explained that he was “thankful for the opportunity to spread the will of Allah.” -

JUL 2006, a Muslim named Naveed Afzal Haq forced his way into the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and then began shooting, killing one woman and injuring five more. -

AUG 2006 A Muslim from Afghanistan killed one person and injured fourteen during a murderous drive through San Francisco city streets during which he targeted people on crosswalks and sidewalks. He identified himself as a terrorist after his rampage -

JAN 2007 Rampage behind the wheel leaves trail of destruction. A Muslim havoc in north Minneapolis, ramming into at least eight cars and injuring a business owner, police said. When asked by investigators why he went on the crime spree, the 22-year-old suspect said, "Allah made me do it," according to a source with knowledge of the case. -

FEB 2007 Muslim Sulejmen Talovic killed five people and wounded four before he himself was killed by an off-duty Ogden police officer who happened to be in the Salt Lake City mall. -

Hat tip"


American Crusader said...

Here is a good link.

Eyes said...

Interesting! And good website!

nanc said...

remember when the term "going postal" came on the scene?

now it will be replaced with "if you're not careful, i'm going to suddenly jihad syndrome your arse!"


Eyes said...

Hi Nanc, That's exactly what I was thinking!!!

Anonymous said...

Britney is collecting examples of SJS in Britain at

It's my guess that there's lots of this low level 'street-jihad' going on all over Dar al-Harb wherever there is a significant Muslim infestation. The MSM hush most of it up, or won't recognise its significance in the Muzzies' campaign to subjugate and terrorise the Kuffar.

There's probably a continuum from muggings and gang rapes that only get reported in the local press, up to mall massacres which the MSM can't ignore, such as the Salt Lake City attack, but are keen to assure us are not religiously motivated.

Eyes said...

Terrific blog SIS! I've bookmarked it. REally excellent work.

Anonymous said...

This warrants a five star fatwa. Love the 'just married' pram.

The Merry Widow said...

If things like this aren't satanically inspired, I'll eat my shoes! When one persists in being deceived, theywill do things most people couldn't consider!


Eyes said...

LOL!!!! That's hysterical SIS!!!

Eyes said...

Hi TMW, Pretty crazy huh?

Gayle said...

Yes, that's exactly right. The MSM would have to believe these attacks are just examples of another nut going off his meds! Well, as it happens more and more often (and it will) the MSM is going to have a harder time trying to cover it up.

Gayle said...

Sorry... that should be "the MSM would have us believe...

Gayle said...

Sorry... that should be "the MSM would have us believe...

Eyes said...

The truth becomes more and more difficult to ignore..

Brooke said...

It does, unless you're an Islamic or a leftist with a penchant for utter denial of reality.

Anonymous said...



"Raja Ibrer Faisel, 19, from Small Heath, Birmingham, admitted causing the death of Sarah Hunt, 28, and her son Kieran by dangerous driving on the A45 in the Hay Mills area of Birmingham.
The court heard how Mrs Hunt had been seven months pregnant with a child she planned to call Connor when the accident happened.

He said: "As a family we are disgusted at the sentence which only amounts to 18 months per life. No remorse has been shown by the other family for the stupidity of one man." (WELL OF COURSE THEY WOULDN'T SHOW REMORSE - HE'S A GOOD MUZZIE OBEYING ALLAH'S COMMAND TO KILL KAFIRS)

The mother-of-four was with Kieran and his seven-year-old brother Ryan - who suffered multiple injuries - as they crossed the A45 on October 2 last year when they were struck by Faisel's Nissan Micra.

The trio were holding hands as they walked across a pedestrian crossing to meet the boys' father, who was waiting on the opposite side of the dual carriageway, prosecutor Ailsa Davis said.

Mrs Davis said the traffic lights were on red when Faisel drove through the crossing at about 50mph and struck the victims, "catapulting them through the air". He then drove off with Mrs Hunt wedged under the car for about 367 metres, Mrs Davis said."

Anonymous said...



"A father murdered his wife and four daughters when he torched the family home as they slept in their beds, an inquest has heard.
Caneze Riaz, 39, and her daughters Sayrah, 16, Sophia, 15, Alicia, 10, and three-year-old Hannah were trapped as the fire raged through their end-of-terrace home in Accrington, Lancashire in the early hours of November 1.

Mohammed Riaz, 49, had locked and bolted the doors, poured fuel around the house and lit several fires while his family were asleep.

The inquest heard that Mohammed had poured petrol and accelerant along the first floor landing and splashed more fuel down the stairs into the living rooms.

There was evidence that Mrs Riaz woke as the blaze took hold and spent a few horrifying moments aware that her daughters were about to die before she was overcome by fumes.

Her DNA was found on a petrol can at the back of her bedroom, over the DNA of her husband, suggesting she stumbled out of bed and made a desperate attempt to move it away from where he had left it in the path of the flames.

Mr Riaz had wanted arranged marriages for his daughters, but his wife had refused and he had destroyed Western-style clothes bought for his children.

Eyes said...

WOW SIS, that is pathetic.... and very, very sad. btw, "dual carriageway" means 2 lanes going each direction? Cute. I love English 'sayings'... bonnet, boot, etc... :>D

Eyes said...

Oh, SIS, you would be interested He's a fellow Brit in Londonistan who guided me in my initial stages of blogging.

Eyes said...

Oh sis, I just saw you over there,,, and 'God Help Britain' in the links, so you already know:>D..

Anonymous said...

Two years ago I'd never have thought of voting for the BNP (even now I have reservations), but what other future for Britain is there apart from Islamification?

I do wish the BNP would finally get rid of the racist crap and face up to the fact we are fighting an idealogical war. If you're a British Sikh, a British Hindu, a British Nigerian or a British Buddhist the chances are you're far more Islamically aware from bitter experience than the vast majority of Britons who until recently have never experienced an Islamic attack.

The Sikhs in particular can teach us PC brainwashed native Brits how to deal with Muslims in a firm and resolute manner.

Eyes said...

Hi sis, Unfortunately I don't know anything about the BNP, but I do the Sikhs are very loyal to their host countries. In Canada they have been loyal fighters in all wars. It is strange that people can't figure out that islam is an evil ideology, not a race... as proven in Darfur where arab muslims are killing black muslims. Oh well....

In Russet Shadows said...

First, that picture is freaking awesome -- very Romantic, which is my favorite style of art. Second, SJS has been going on in Sweden for a long time (as Fjordman points out). Third, the BNP has some racist yobs, but generally, they are the only hope for the UK.

Eyes said...

Hi RS, HA! I haven't seen Fjordman in many moons.... I used to love to read his stuff, and come upon it occassionally... You're right it has been going on for a LONG time.

Anonymous said...

Q: What do you ask a man who's just converted to Islam?
A: Have you started beating your wife?

Q How many Muslims does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None, they prefer to sit in the dark and blame it on the Jews.

Q: How do you get a Muslim woman pregnant?
A: Dress her up as a goat.

Did you hear the one about the Muslim who won a Nobel Prize in Mathematics?
Neither did I.

Q. How many muslims does it take to change a roll of toilet paper?
A. What's toilet paper?

Q How can you recognise a well-balanced Muslim?
A He's got chips on both shoulders.

Q. What do Muslim men do during foreplay?
A. Tickle the goat under the chin.

Q. How many Muslim extremists will it take to destroy Britain?
A. None, Tony B.Liar can do it all by himself, thank you.

Q: What do you say to a Muslim woman with two black eyes?
A: Nothing! You told her twice already!

Q: What do you call a first-time offender in Saudi Arabia?
A: Lefty!

Q: What's the difference between Dar al-Islam and a pot of bio-yogurt?
A: The yogurt has a living culture.

Q: What do you call a drunk Muslim?
A: Hamed.
Q: What do you call a very drunk Muslim?
A: Mohammed.

Q: What has long blonde hair, huge tits, and is currently living in a cave in Greenland?
A: Salman Rushdie.

Nine year old Aisha and her kid brother Ahmed are talking about Mohammed. Aisha said "Last night Uncle Mo came to me and told me I had the gates of paradise between my legs and he had the key between his"
"That's funny" Ahmed replied. "For the last two years he's been telling me it's Gabriel's trumpet and I've got to learn how to play it"

Guy goes into sex shop and asks for an inflatable doll. Assistant asks him whether he wants a Christian one or a Muslim one. Customer asks what's the difference. Assistant explains that you need a pump for the Christian doll, but the Muslim one blows itself up.

Eyes said...

LOL! I pass them along. It's funny how there aren't very many muslim jokes out there... Maybe because THEY'LL KILL YOU FOR IT!!!! Good grief. GK Chesterton said you can judge a religion by its sense of humor about itself... and islam has none.

eloivsdiablo said...

Hey Eyes, like the picture.
Here's a site you might appreciate if you have'nt found it already...

Eyes said...

Thanks E, That is a good site!

Highest Infidelity said...

What we need to do is give these jihadis a case of "Suddenly-on-their-way-to-Allah" Syndrome.

And I heard there's a few places along the Afhganistan-Pakistan border where our folks could start.

Eyes said...

HA HA HA HA HA! There ya go! I like it~!

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