Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mark Stein's Recommendations

From "America Alone" ~ by Mark Stein:

"1. Support women’s rights – real rights, not feminist pieties – in the Muslim world. This is the biggest vulnerability in Islam. Not every Muslim female wants to be Gloria Steinem or Paris Hilton. But nor do they want a life that starts with genital mutilation and ends with an honor killing at the hands of their brothers. The overwhelming majority of females in Continental battered women’s shelters are Muslim – which gives you some sense of what women in the Middle East might do if they had any women’s shelters to go to. When half the population of these societies is a potential source of dissent, we need to use it.

2. Roll back Ahab, Iranian, and other ideological exports that have radicalized Muslims on every continent. We have an ideological enemy and we need to wage ideological war.

3. Support economic and political liberty in the Muslim world, even if it means unsavory governments: an elected unsavory government is still better than a dictatorial unsavory government. It’s not necessary for Syria and Egypt to become Minnesota and New Zealand. All that’s necessary is for them to become something other than what they are now. And on the bumpy road to liberty, every Muslim regime that has to preoccupy itself with internal dissent has less time to foment trouble beyond its borders.

4. Ensure that Islamic states that persecute non-Muslims are denied international legitimacy and excluded and marginalized in international bodies.

5. Throttle the funding of mosques, madrassas, think tanks, and other activities in America and elsewhere by Saudi Arabia, Iran and others.

6. Develop a strategy for countering Islamism on the ideological front. Create a civil corps to match America’s warrior corps and use it to promote alternative institutions, structures, and values through a post-imperial equivalent to Britain’s Colonial Office, albeit under whatever wussy name is deemed acceptable: Department of Global Community Outreach or whatever (this, by the way, is what Washington should have created instead of the bloated bureaucracy of the Department of Homeland Security).

7. Marginalize and euthanize the UN, NATO, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and other September 10 transnational organizations and devote the energy wasted on them to results oriented multilateralism. We need real allies now.

8. Cease bankrolling unreformable oil dictatorships by a long-overdue transformation of the energy industry.

9. End the Iranian regime.

10. Strike militarily when the opportunity presents itself."


Gayle said...

All great recommendations, Eyes! Stein is absolutely right on each and every point. I love it. Thanks! :)

Eyes said...

I like his writing style... very amusing and smart.

The Merry Widow said...

He is correct, and we will pay the price of our refusal as a society, to recognize and face determined evil!


Brooke said...

Stein is 100% correct!

kevin said...


Eyes said...

Lets hope we wake up before it's too late. I think it's too late for Europe... Sad, sad, sad...

Eyes said...

Hey, thanks Kevin! Totally cool:>)

Anonymous said...

yo. thank you for this text :))